Learn how to sell your expertise to skyrocket your business, make more impact and more income in an aligned way!

13-14th June 2024

 A 2-day virtual summit for experienced freelance language teachers and coaches

You know by now that building a thriving teaching business takes a lot more than setting an Instagram page and filling your schedule with 1:1 students.

You’re getting a lot of things right:

✔️ You post content regularly, your community is growing, maybe you’ve even started your email list and you generally don’t need to look for students too often.

✔️ You love your work, students love working with you and things seem to be quite stable but if we’re being completely honest… It costs A LOT of energy to be teaching around the clock.

✔️So to free up your time and grow your business you may have tried grouping your students, creating small digital products or even creating a digital course or a membership. 

And even though you’ve put in lots of time and effort in it, the number of sales left you, well… disappointed.

You find yourself….

Frustrated and thinking that you must be missing something despite your fair attempts at selling things other than your time
Stuck at an income level that still depends mainly on how many hours you teach
Feeling icky when you sell anything because most people teach some manipulative techniques that don't feel good to you
More and more dubious of the whole ‘passive income’ thing that everyone seems to be selling online because it clearly has been very far from being passive for you
Questioning whether you should even be trying to change anything and scale your business (what does that even mean?!) if the only way to be able to achieve that seems to be working even more

But you definitely DON’T WANT that.

Well, there has to be a better way!


How would it feel to….

Be completely clear on how to sell so you don’t have to buy another cheap generic marketing/sales training and piece the knowledge together to be relevant to the language teaching world?

Double or triple your income by selling the most profitable offer that does not take any more of your time to deliver to your students

Have the know-how for making your teaching business profitable, sustainable and fun because it’s fully aligned with who you are as a teacher and a person?

Be confident and ick-free while selling because you finally understand how sales work and that it doesn’t have to be manipulative at all!

Know that your business works for you, feels like it's supporting your life, your family, your passions and goals?

Know that you’re able to make a bigger impact by reaching more people thanks to well-designed offers that sell well

This is exactly what you’ll experience when you learn SALES as a language teacher or coach.

Join us for Teachers Talk Sales Summit, and see your business accelerate!

Hey, It's Ola here!

Honestly, I LOVE selling.

Even though I come from the ELT background and started my career in 2010 doing what most of my clients are doing now - freelance teaching.

I did tons of other things on the way between then and now, including teacher training, managing and running my own school. Since 2021 I have been running a coaching business helping language teachers and coaches make more money while still doing what they love. And there’s one thing I noticed.

Lots of people in languages think that you can either do what you love OR make good money.

And I call this BS!
You absolutely CAN make very good money in languages. But you need to learn how to sell.

Not sell your time, but your expertise. You need to know how to package it, how to price it and promote it. But these are all skills that CAN be learned.

In my career as a business coach so far I have helped nearly 700 people. And I believe it’s time to do it on a bigger scale so more fantastic educators can enjoy all the perks of running thriving, profitable businesses. Because I believe that when teachers thrive, they can help their clients thrive even more.

I’m not here to help teachers become millionaires (although I know some definitely will) but to equip teachers with the tools and knowledge that they can take away and start using immediately. And create positive change in their own lives, businesses, an to show others what’s possible.

Grab your ticket and join me and 15 language, sales, productivity and mindset experts for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you skyrocket your teaching business and make it work for you!


When and where

Teachers Talk Sales will run from 13-14/06 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. This event is entirely virtual, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Expert Sessions

Attend presentations from the lineup of 16 speakers with trainings on selling via email, writing copy that sells your language courses or mindset for sales success. Your free ticket includes 24-hour access to each presentation during the summit.

Private Summit Community

Join our private Facebook community and connect with other language teachers and coaches like you who are already hanging out and scaling their language businesses! This is where you’ll be able to connect with the speakers and other attendees before and during the event!

Chances to win

Show up and participate in the community for chances to win prizes throughout the summit! Come hang out with us in the Facebook community for chances to win things like the Teachers Sales Success Bundle, access to my marketing course, 1:1 coaching session with me, and many other generous prizes!

Pre-Summit Sessions

The summit officially kicks off on 13th June 2024, but you don’t have to wait until then to get started. One day before the summit, we’ll have a kick off call and pre-summit sessions featuring interviews with our amazing speakers!

Upgrade for a VIP experience!

After registering, you’ll have the chance to upgrade to the Teacher Sales Success Bundle which includes ongoing access to the presentations after the summit wraps up, premium bonuses from our speakers, and more! You’ll get all the details (and a special offer) after grabbing your free ticket!

Teachers Talk Sales was created with experienced freelance language teachers and coaches in mind.

You don’t need another summit teaching you how to niche or giving you general advice on how to find students. And you definitely don’t have time to sit through long presentations to learn something you could have found with a quick Google search.

Good news! That is NOT what you’re going to find at this event.

Teachers Talk Sales Summit was specifically created for language teachers and coaches like you.

🚀 You know the basics of how to stand out
🚀 You don’t often struggle to find new students
🚀 You’re ready to scale and may have even tried to sell your own passive product, course or membership

Instead of covering the basics again (such as niching or pricing your freelance work) this summit is about building on the things that you’re already doing right AND helping you sell like a pro.

Through short, action-packed presentations from our expert lineup of sales and marketing experts and people who have seen lots of success in an education business, you’ll learn more advanced strategies for scaling your language teaching business.


Click on the speaker's pic to check out their website!


Ola Kowalska

Business coach for language teachers and coaches who care


Lauren Martin

Copywriter and Marketing Strategist for Language Businesses


Laura Wilkes

Video and Podcast Producer


Laura Willson

Course Catalyst


Tim Gascoigne

Online Teacher Business Coach


Oli Cooke

Mindset and Anxiety Coach for Entrepreneurs


Abigail Fulbrook

'Elevate'  community host


Michelle Smit

Online Business Coach


Kerstin Cable

Coach and Mentor for Solo Business Owners


Nicola Prentis

Investing Coach


Rachael Roberts

Business and Mindset Coach for people in ELT


Joanna Dąbek

Time management and productivity specialist


Jennifer Murray



Kinga Czernik

Teacher Biz Boss


Sandra van der Lee

Conversion Copywriter


Andrew Woodbury

Co-founder @ Learn Your English


It’s time to stop relying on beginner-level tips on how to start freelancing as a teacher or stuff that doesn't apply to a language business, build on the things you’re already getting right, and get on the fast track to reaching new heights in your business.

Grab your free ticket by clicking the link below and join us to learn the most powerful strategies and sales skills and make 2024 your best year in business yet!


How do I know whether this summit is right for me?

If you’re curious about learning sales to grow your language teaching business, this event is for you! We’ll be specifically talking to experienced freelance language teachers and coaches, but anyone else who wants to get started with strategic sales in their business is welcome to join us.

When is this event happening?

The main portion of the summit runs from 13-14/06 with pre-summit sessions happening 1 day before, on the 12/06. You’ll also be able to join our private Facebook community as soon as you register, so you can join in on the fun right away!

What if I’m not able to attend live?

While most of the presentations for the summit are pre-recorded, there are some live elements, and the pre-recorded presentations are only available for 24 hours with your free ticket. So we encourage you to attend live if you can! We would love for you to set aside some time during the summit week to attend the live sessions, watch the pre-recorded presentations, and participate with others who are trying to grow their business.

However, if you’re not able to attend all of the sessions live, go ahead and grab your free ticket, and you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the Teacher Sales Success Bundle for extended access.

How long will I have access to the presentations?

Your free ticket includes 24 hour access to each of the presentations. If you need more time, you can always upgrade your ticket to the Teacher Sales Success Bundle after registering, which will give you extended access to the presentations along with premium bonuses from our speakers and more!

Are the presentations live?

To avoid tech glitches, give you the best possible experience, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be released at a scheduled time during the summit. However, the speakers will be hanging out in our private Facebook group with dedicated threads where you can connect with them and ask your questions! There will also be opportunities to join us for bonus live events throughout the week.

Will all the speakers get my email address?

No. When you register, you’ll be added to Ola Kowalska's email list so we can send you updates for the event and links to each day’s presentations. After the summit is over, you’ll continue to hear from her, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Most of the speakers will have free resources available that you can access by providing an email address, but the speakers will not get your email address unless you choose to give it to them specifically. That way, you only hear from the people you really love and don't have to worry about getting added to a bazillion email lists that you're not interested in.

You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Are your videos captioned or transcribed? How can I watch the presentations?

Yes. All presentations have auto-generated closed captioning. To be able to watch the presentations you'll get access to my course platform. Also, as a Teacher Sales Success Bundle holder you’ll be able to keep the presentations and watch them later and you will get access to the summit presentations as a private podcast so you can listen to them on the go.

I still have questions!

If you still have questions, we encourage you to go ahead and sign up. Your questions will likely be answered during the event or in the Facebook community, which you’ll be able to join right away after grabbing your free ticket.

However, if you need to ask us a question before registering, feel free to send us an email at hello@olakowalska.com




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